…seems to be a hot topic these days, at least on the many of the Progressive blogs I read. Two recent studies, one statistical analysis from UC Berkely and another report from Steven Freeman, point to clear irregularities in voter turnout in counties where electronic voting machines were used. Hardly surprising is that the use of such machines, such as those designed and manufactured by Diebold, a firm run by a staunch Bush supporter, led without exception to favorable results for the incumbant.

As anyone who has even a passing familiarity with computers and software knows, manipulating the tally of an electronic voting machine is an extremely simple affair, particularly when no auditing features or paper trail exist. As far as I’m concerned it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the 2004 election was stolen by Bush and a handful of well-placed (and government funded) supporters. Problem is, there’s no way we’ll ever know for sure, barring the testimony of one of the conspiritors–a highly unlikely prospect at best.