Japan got the top spot in FutureBrand‘s recently-released Country Brand Rankings for 2008. Japan was rated 9th overall in the world and earned 1st place in the following rating categories:

  • Nightlife
  • New Country for Business
  • Conferences
  • Quality Products
  • Advanced Technology

Chances are good that most of us who live here aren’t surprised at all by these high marks. While Japan may not get anywhere near the top ten in categories like Rest & Relaxation and Natural Beauty, when it comes to doing business and competing with the world in the areas of quality and technology, well, Japan just does a whole lot right. And of course the nightlife is pretty good, too.

So, fellow expats, while we’re waiting to feel the effects of the global financial crisis here let’s enjoy a little optimism. Like the FutureBrand report says, we could be doing a lot worse…