Congratulations on finding my personal blog. It’s been around in various incarnations since 1997, which is before blogs were called “blogs.” See if you can top that.

My name is Michael Rollins, and denbushi (電武士) is the less-cool-than-at-first online name I made up back when I thought (ever so presciently) that some kind of unique handle for the interwebs might be handy. Just for the record, it is unique (even today!) except for this cheeky jujitsu dojo in Puerto Rico which co-opted it without even asking me. If I had to cage-fight them for exclusive use of “denbushi” chances are good they’d win. But I’d still do it.

I grew up in Dallas, then joined the Navy and moved to Chicago -> Van Nuys -> San Francisco -> Long Beach -> San Diego. I got out and moved to Seattle to study Chinese at the University of Washington but decided I liked Japanese better, so I learned that instead.

These days I live in Tokyo and Portland and mostly use my real name. A few years ago I founded a design and marketing agency called netwise. We build things for the web. I have a profile on LinkedIn in case you want to see if we share any friends. I tweet here but less and less often. Feel free to contact me there or via the netwise site.

Thanks for dropping by.