Just like that, it’s over. Amazing outcome, eh? Everyone I talk to here can’t believe how braindead Americans have become over the years. People look at me incredulously, asking things like, “Do they have different news there or something?” and “What, are they just incredibly stupid?”

Four years of watching George Bush heartily shout FUCK YOU to the world community, the environment, half of America, and they still want more. Boggles the mind, it does. I can’t wait for the book burnings and re-education camps, er, retreats to begin.

Thank god the Faithful have finally wrested power from the Liberal Elite, those power brokers pulling the strings behind the scenes in America and pushing their sinister agenda of gay marriage, compulsory abortion, and “higher” education. Finally power is in the hands of The People! (”Damn, now who’s gonna hold the remote control?”)

I, for one, feel much safer knowing that we’re building a safer, well-armed and incarceration-loving society. Because you know what? It all comes down to this: who do you trust? Y’know? It’s about who ya trust. And while Dubya may not be smart, or eloquent, or literate, or diplomatic, or capable, or rational, or competent, or possess leadership qualities or, well, ANYTHING we thought Presidents should up until now, I think he’ll do just what he says. Or tries to say. He’s a good ol’ boy, you see, and, well, I trust him.

As if.

Chin up, people, and get busy.