The latest example of Bush-style diplomacy–bullying and arm-twisting–was published in today’s Washington Post.

It seems that the Bush Administration had a problem with IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei’s reluctance to play ball and support the US by parroting their hardline stance regarding Iran’s recent interest in nuclear energy. (He also didn’t make any friends in Washington by exposing the grossly inflated nuclear “threat” fabricated by the Bush team and used as justification to attack and subjugate that country two years ago.)

So, what do you do with a UN official who doesn’t get with the program and follow orders from the West Wing? Why, tap his phone and look for dirt, that’s what. Which is just what Bush and Co. did.

Too bad for them they couldn’t find any, and so instead they went around to the rest of the Freedom Posse to drum up support for blocking his assumption of the post for another five-year term. Unfortunately it seems that the only people who have a problem with him are in the US. Japan, Canada, even Britain all think he’s doing a good job, and, well, refused. From the Post:

“It’s on hold right now,” said one U.S. policymaker who was involved in lobbying against ElBaradei. “Everyone turned us down, even the Brits.”

Some people think there’s no limit to the hubris of Bush and his goons, but you know what? We may have just seen it.